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Holy Shiva! It’s December!

By Idit Hefer Tamir

It is extremely hard to believe but we are indeed reaching the end of 2013.
For me, personally, this year flew by so quickly and I am amazed as I look at the date and at the fact that another year has passed.
As most of you know I had my second child, a baby girl called Shaya, 2 months ago, and that has consumed most of my time and energy.
It took over 2.5 years to actually conceive and keep the baby, having gone through 4 miscarriages. It was a difficult journey and an interesting one from a Yogic point of view and I truly thank the teachings of the ancient texts of yoga which guided me through the hard times. Of course I experienced sadness and grief after each miscarriage and could see just how quickly I had become attached to an idea, to hopes, to expectations and how disappointed I was every time these were taken away from me. I could see the shame and the judgement, the self criticism and blame as they arose but thanks to the yogic practice I was also able to let these go…
It was after the 3rd miscarriage that I decided to take my creative energy and invest it in another form of a “baby” and this is really how Sukha Mukha was born.
Looking back now it is needless to say that I see how everything worked out for the best, how in a mysterious way the universe led me in the right direction, and that not only have my immediate family been there for me, but I have a much larger yogic family and community who have supported me on this path.
I recently watched a movie (not a very good one I must admit which is probably why I can’t remember its name) where the main character was asked whether the cup was half full or half empty, and his answer was that it truly depends on how thirsty one is… I liked this answer and I admit that for 2.5 years I was very thirsty for another child and often the cup seemed half empty but thanks to all of you it is much more full than I could have ever imagined!!!
I know I was not alone on this journey, and as I was able to let go of the shame and talk more to people, the more others started opening up to me and sharing their personal journeys. For all those who still struggle out there I just send my love and advice to never lose faith and as Winston Churchill once said: “When the goal can not be reached, do not change the goal! Change the means to achieving it!”

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Realising My Riches


By Maryanne Edwards

So compelled was I to register a business and start building a brand around a personal mantra that has been relevant in my life this year – I began exploring what it is to be organically wealthy? Primarily it’s just a frame of mind and one that I can thank my yoga practice for but I have a feeling it has depths to it I haven’t even explored yet, thus I begin to here by attempting to articulate it.
A student said to me this morning as she was leaving my class that she has been practicing for a long time but in the last year she has felt a very subtle yet powerful shift, at first I thought she meant in her asana practice, she went on to explain this undefinable skill of being able to remove the mind even for a micro second out of a moment and observe the thought processes as they happen. It was such a poignant observation and one which I can totally relate to. It’s this ability to take pause or find stillness and experience a moment to its fullest no matter how simple or complicated the situation. It’s the craft of finding inherent meaning in the otherwise meaningless. It’s yoga!
I am constantly in awe of the power our thoughts hold over our quality of life, even just a simple reminder like ‘be happy’ or ‘be kind’ brings a smile to my face as the energy these thoughts emit is so strong. ‘Be grateful’ is a goodie too – I feel so blessed to be living the life I am that sometimes I feel my heart swell in my chest as I take in my surrounds (my modest but light filled apartment, the beauty of the eastern beaches I live near, the local organic produce from the markets, yoga studios in every direction), it’s a simple life I lead but so full in just the right way.
I observe friends or acquaintances that live fairly fast-paced, high-intensity work lives, with substantial monetary reward but next to no time to enjoy the benefits of financial stability. I see that they work at this pace with the view to buying some sort of freedom further down the track and I suppose I dream of that freedom too. Don’t get me wrong I do not think of money as bad energy by any means in fact when one is abundant in anything it gives them the ability to share it with others which is a beautiful gift, I just wonder whether there is any point making a lot of money if one does not have the time to enjoy it?
As I move further down the yogic path I have been pleasantly surprised to discover how little we actually need. The need to acquire ‘things’ or ‘stuff’ just kind of fades away, I take joy in buying beautiful produce or consumable products that sustain me and those that create them but the desire to have things simply because they are nice has fallen away. It’s a gradual refining of my immediate environment, how cleansing is it to have a big clean out of your home or wardrobe? Or your pantry? The yogi term for this purifying is ‘shaucha’ and it translates to ‘that and nothing else’ meaning a cleanliness in body, mind and environment. It’s about making choices about what we want and don’t want in our life allowing us to experience this world more vividly.
I also believe our thoughts are like magnets, so when we sit within our own abundance we attract further abundance toward ourselves and towards those around us (those in our magnetic fields if you will).
As I begin down the path of teaching, sharing the joy of yoga with others, I hope to be of service by emitting this energy of having all that I will ever possibly require – of being organically wealthy. I hope that others will be drawn into my magnetic field, seeing the beauty of their own immediate experience and the fullness of this simple life. Realising your inner riches is a powerful anecdote to almost any negative emotion.

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