About Us

Our Passion

Our passion is to share the gift of Yoga in it’s deepest essence which is beyond the Physical. Our main form of practice and the lineage from which we come is Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic flow which gives the freedom to creatively express oneself. This is what we consider the essence of Yoga, linking Breath and Movement with Intention, celebrating the joy in life and the wisdom of Yoga as a lifestyle.

We see Yoga as a way of life — something to practice both on and off the mat. Yoga allows us to become more present and free of stress, to reconnect with our spirit and the truth of who we are.  At Sukha Mukha our classes are physically challenging and spiritually uplifting. We always draw back to the meaning, source and Philosophy of Yoga and realise just how relevant they are to our lives today.  At the end of class you will leave feeling in harmony with your body, mind and soul.

We offer Yoga classes from as low as $8 per class, kids yoga, teens yoga, prenatal and postnatal classes, yin and restorative yoga, and once a month a class we call “Love Conquers All” during which each month we donate to a different charity cause.  Our classes are suitable for all people, all ages and all religions.

“Yoga has been described as wisdom in work or skilful living amongst activities, harmony and moderation” / B.K.S Iyengar / Light on Yoga p.2

What does Sukha Mukha mean?

Sukha is joyous, happy, blissed and Mukha is ‘face’, hence; Happy Face Yoga

I was looking for a name that would present what I believe yoga is and should be. Going through many different names and Sanskrit terms I was blessed to have Jasmine, my teacher from NYC come to teach in Sydney, and during her workshop she kept saying “bring some Sukha to your Mukha’. it took me a few times hearing it to be able to translate it in my brain, and I immediately knew in my heart that that was the name I had been waiting for.

This is how Sukha Mukha Yoga was born into this world.

Sukha Mukha Yoga’s Teachers

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